European Human Rights Law. ECHR Applications

Costaș, Negru & Asociații provides legal services and representation in the field of European Human Rights Law. In fact, all the law firm’s services have a European component as our lawyers are constantly trying to include arguments based on the priority of the Convention (as it is interpreted by the European Court of Human Rights) over national legislation in pending cases. A living proof to support this point would probably be the practice developed by our team regarding the ne bis in idem principle, lining the border between tax law and criminal law.

From another perspective, issues concerning European Human Rights Law are also put forward in constitutional disputes as support for the exceptions of unconstitutionality raised before the national courts (for instance, with regard to the right of access to justice, the right to trial within an optimal and foreseable time, the right of property).

Our services include the possibility of preparing complaints that are subsequently submitted to the European Court of Human Rights after the national legal proceedings had been closed, as well as the possibility of legal representation before the European Court of Human Rights.

The practice in this particular area is coordinated by Mr. Cosmin Flavius Costaș, Doctor of Law with the thesis Right to Trial within a Reasonable Time, 2014, “Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Law, coordinated by Professor Ion Deleanu, PhD and Professor Florin Streteanu, PhD.