Insurance Law

Another area of practice in which the lawyers of Costaș, Negru & Asociații offer their services of counsel, legal assistance and representation is Insurance Law. These services include, amongst others:

  • legal assistance and representation in pre-litigation proceedings involving insurance companies (e.g. applications for payment of pecuniar damages due under any insurance contracts, setting up damage files, negotiation of damages). In that regard, our team also has experience in complex cases concerning insurance issues with cross-border implications (e.g. damages due under RCA policies in case of one’s death or injury);
  • legal assistance and representation in litigation regarding insurance of goods;
  • counsel and representation in litigation concerning personal insurance;
  • legal assistance and representation in litigation regarding civil liability insurance. In time, Costaș, Negru & Asociații has developed a rich practice in litigation concerning damages due under RCA policies, professional liability insurance policies or extreme sports insurance policies (e.g. insurance claims for medical services, surgeries and adjacent expenses following a ski accident across the border in the case of a client who owned an extreme sports insurance policy);
  • legal assistance and representation in criminal litigation associated with the existence of an insurance policy (primarily in regard to vehicle accidents followed by the death or serious injury of the traffic participants).