A Recurent Theme of Reflexion: the Border between Gap and Incongruity in Real-Estate VAT

As a principle, the supply of a building land made by a taxable person is subject to VAT according to the common tax regime, pursuant to art. 9 para. (1) of the VAT Directive. However, in order to find a solution for Member States facing endemic carousel fraud, the Council of the European Union has […]

Perfect discrimination: the request for the reimbursement of maternal risk allowances

We propose hereinafter to point out a topical issue, generated by the actions of the Romanian Health Insurance Funds that seek to recover amounts of money from persons who benefited from maternal risk allowances prior to April 3, 2022. In recent months, a significant number of women have received enforceable notifications from the Health Insurance […]

No Wikipedia in tax audits

In our work as lawyers and representatives of the interests of taxpayers, a key element has caught our attention and continues to do so even today – an element that even tax inspectors are often aware of when losing lawsuits in favor of those who challenged the amounts in the control documents – the arbitrary […]

Rainy Days for Airlines
In its judgment of the 13th of May 2020, the General Court dismissed the actions for annulment brought by three airlines against the Commission’s Decision of the 29th of July 2016 establishing that the implementing rules on State aid granted by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia to the airports on the island, given in order to increase the air traffic of the area, are incompatible with the internal market.
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The SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Has Changed the Criminal Code
Under the special conditions we are experiencing - health crisis and state of emergency - the Government has recently decided to amend the Criminal Code by emergency ordinance, in order to criminalize previously qualified acts as contraventions.
Thus, the Emergency Ordinance no. 28 of 18 March 2020 for amending and completing Law no. 286/2009 on the Criminal Code was adopted by the Government in the meeting last week and was published on Friday, 20 March 2020, in the Official Journal no. 228/2020.
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Abusive clauses in banking contracts. Recent interpretations
On 19.03.2020, Attorney General Juliane Kokott presented his conclusions in the case C-81/19, Șerban vs. Banca Transilvania SA, which is in the role of the Court of Justice of the European Union, having as its object, once again, the protection of consumers against the abusive clauses inserted in the credit agreements in foreign currency.

By the decision of reference dated on 27.12.2018, the Cluj Court of Appeal, the Second Civil Section, ordered the referral of the Court of Justice of the European Union with the request for a preliminary ruling on the following questions regarding the interpretation of Directive 93/13 / CEE, respectively consumer protection against abusive clauses inserted in foreign currency credit agreements:
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