Administrative law

The Costaș, Negru & Asociaţii lawyers’ civil partnership has achieved, over time, very good results in administrative law litigation, in different types of cases. Thus, we mention that our lawyers have obtained ever since 2010 decisions to oblige the Romanian Government to pay compensation for the damages caused to individuals by issuing emergency ordinances declared unconstitutional (emergency ordinances through which, successively, the law that increased salaries was blocked).

In the representation of some natural persons, we have managed, in time, to obtain the forcing of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police to pay the overdue salary rights for the personnel sent in mission in East Timor (under the UN), to avoid the payment of compensation borne by members of the commissions of awarding public procurement contracts, to defend local councillors who were asked for compensation for the local council decisions at the issuance of which they participated, to cancel the orders or decisions of the public authorities aiming at dismissing some deputy mayors or local councillors, successfully fighting the assessment reports drawn up by the National Agency of Integrity, to obtain compensation for the civil servants sanctioned or dismissed abusively.

Our practice in the field of urban planning and construction authorisation has been oriented both to the representation of the natural persons who have challenged some controversial real estate projects (successfully including the carrying out of profitable transactions), as well as to defend the real estate development projects challenged either by individuals or, more recently, by the Prefect’s Institution. At regional level, we are recognised as an active law firm in this particular field.