Due Diligence & Business Negotiation

Costaș, Negru & Asociații is able to perform the due diligence analysis in connection to a corporate takeover or in any other case where a business or a part of a business is for about to be transferred or restructured. Our legal services are provided to both buyers and sellers and such due diligence also refers the tax implications of the projected transactions.

In connection to our legal services, we are assisting clients in the process of business negotiation and contract signing, in Romania and abroad. Our lawyers have a good knowledge of legal English and other foreign languages, are available to travel where needed and participate directly to the negotiation process, offering insights on Romanian and European legislation to other parties and paying attention to the client’s best interests. This approach is meant to avoid unnecessary legal complications when dealing with companies doing business in various jurisdictions and to speed up the negotiation process. In time, we’ve assisted clients in this process as far as China and Saudi Arabia.