Medical & Healthcare Law

Costaș, Negru & Asociații got specialized in recent years in the field of medical law, on several levels. Thus, our company offers legal services in the field of Medical & Healthcare Law, both to individuals who work or entertain commercial relations with private or state medical institutions and to medical profile companies.

Such services include, without being limited to:

– legal counsel and assistance regarding challenges of contests for jobs in public medical institutions;

– legal counsel and assistance in work related litigation in the medical field (including litigation regarding wages and supplementary payments);

– representation in malpractice cases, for the administrative and judicial proceedings, including criminal cases;

– legal assistance and representation for the incorporation of companies with a medical profile;

– legal assistance and representation in litigation between medical units or pharmacies and the health insurance bodies in Romania;

– legal assistance and representation for companies and natural persons in litigation with the insurance bodies in Romania.

Our lawyers also manage tax files in the field of Medical Law, which is why our double specialization gives an additional advantage in supporting the arguments of our clients.