Competition Law

Social, economic, geopolitical and technological changes are constantly raising new challenges in the field of competition law.

Broadly speaking, the competition policy toolkit includes antitrust rules as well as rules on merger control, state aid and public undertakings and services. Antitrust rules aim to restore competitive conditions, where the inappropriate behavior of companies (for example, the formation of cartels or the abuse of a dominant position) causes distortions of competition.

Based on the experience of the team members, Costaș, Negru and Associates Lawyers’ Civil Partnership can also provide legal services in the Competition Law practice area.

Costaș, Negru and Associates Lawyers’ Civil Partnership can provide you with advice on competition law, in order to prevent and avoid problems in this field, as well as assistance and representation before the Competition Council or before the courts.

Our team is always up to date with the latest changes and developments in the field of competition law, whether we are talking about anti-competitive agreements, abuse of a dominant position or economic concentrations, being prepared for your successful representation.