The law firm Costaș, Negru & Asociații provides legal assistance and representation in the process of formation for all types of companies available under the Romanian legislation. We take the necessary steps to make this process easy and fast, from the moment where the company’s name is secured until the proper tax registration of the newly-formed company. In terms of shareholders’ agreements, we are tailoring them according to the clients’ needs, paying attention to special clauses regarding future changes in the company, the conditions for taking decisions, limitation of directors’ powers, conditions of capital increase or other clauses (e.g. tag-along clauses useful for minority shareholders with regard to possible future takeovers of the company).

We are also assisting clients with analysis of possibilities of incorporation abroad, judging on a series of factors such as national and local legislation in the respective jurisdiction, types of companies available for formation, Trade Registry formalities and costs, length of procedures, taxes applicable for incorporation and business in the foreign jurisdiction. Our lawyers entertain the necessary correspondance in order to provide details on the appropiate solution for the client and ensure a smooth incorporation process. When the client’s decision is taken, our lawyers are also available to draft the necessary legal documents and circulate them, working together with notaries, lawyers or civil servants abroad if necessary.