Public Procurement. Public Funding. Concessions. Public Services

Considering the experience in both theory and practice that the lawyers of Costaș, Negru & Asociații have achieved in the field of public law and primarily in administrative and financial law, our firm is also able to provide legal assistance, legal advice and representation services in public procurement, public funding, concessions and public services.

The practice in this particular area is coordinated by our experienced coworker, Mr. Bogdan Ioniță.

The legal services we may configure in this brief presentation include, amongst others:

  • legal assistance in public procurement procedures, on multiple components: preparation and deliverty of the necessary documentation, correspondence with the public authorities, legal advice and representation in appeals against the results of the public procurement procedures;
  • consultance and representation in litigation concerning administrative contracts in the matter of public procurement (in stages referring to signing a contract, interpretation of the contractual terms or documentation, contract enforcement, contract termination);
  • legal assistance and representation in litigation referring to recovery of damages associated to enforcement or non-enforcement of an administrative contract in the matter of public procurement;
  • legal advice and representation (primarily granted to administrative units) in regard to obtaining and managing public funding;
  • legal advice and representation regarding the signing, enforcement and termination of concessions contracts, including the recovery of adjacent damages;
  • legal advice and representation in procedures of organizing public services (including in the matter of ensuring the funding of the expenses generated by these public services by implementing special taxes);

legal assistance and representation in litigation regarding the organization and functioning of public services, including challenging of the special taxes implemented by the public authorities in order to ensure the funding of the expenses generated by these services.