Sports Law

Costaș, Negru & Asociații offers legal advice and representation in matters regarding:

– negociation of sportsmen’ contracts;

– the establishing, organization and function of sports clubs and associations;

– takeover and reorganization of sports clubs;

– revision of articles of association and regulations for sports federations;

– revision of various types of contracts employed in the sports’ field, including the connected tax issues;

– organization of the sports federations’ general meetings, including drafting of resolutions;

– the public and private funding of sports clubs;

– representation of sportsmen, officials and sports clubs in disciplinary proceedings for doping, at national and international level;

– the national and international taxation of professional sportsmen (including the avoidance of double taxation);

– recovery of wages and other claims that arise from sports related activities;

– exploitation of audiovisual rights for sporting events;

– other types of civil cases associated to the sports phenomenon (e.g. representation of federations or sports clubs in various litigation concerning sport’s rules, such as the imposition of a certain quota of Romanian sportsmen in the composition of a team taking part in national competitions).

Our law firm is able to provide, on its own or in collaboration, representation before national sports committees or international sports arbitration courts (e.g. Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne).

It is our privilege to mention that one of the firm’s lawyers contributed to the writing of the only book dedicated to Sports Law available in Romanian: S.I. Puț, C.F. Costaș, Dreptul sportului, Ed. Hamangiu, București, 2021.