Tax facilities in the IT field, to the liking of those in the private and…
From June 1, 2023, IT employees from local public institutions will enjoy, just like employees from central public institutions, the income tax exemption provided by the Fiscal Code in art. [...]
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A complex legal puzzle: Transfer of legal standing in the event of the death of…
With this article, we would like to highlight a number of legal issues of practical interest that have arisen in a case managed by the team of Costaș, Negru & [...]
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Ilicit car handling devices. Objective mechanism of compensation
Not all things work ’’the German way’’, particularly if they’ve been ilicitly handled with in order to provide an advantage for manufacturers. Starting from this point, we approach the recent [...]
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Building facilities compliance. The turnover issue
New abusive practices by tax authorities are causing ripples in the business of taxpayers in the construction industry. Costas, Negru & Asociatii has once again set out to strengthen an [...]
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Perfect Play or Epic Failure for Football Players in Regard to VAT?
Recent news showed that ANAF extended its interest for taxation not only to natural persons performing commercial activities online, but also to professional football players. For the latter, the interest [...]
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