Ineffective Precautionary Measures. Pecuniary Damages. Protecting the Innocent Taxpayers
The protection of innocent taxpayers against abusive precautionary measures takes a new turn after Oradea Court of Appeal’s legal decision no. 2344/October 27th 2017. Thereby, the lawyers’ civil partnership Costaș, [...]
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Ispas Case. Pleas before the Court of Justice of the European Union
This morning, the Costaş, Negru & Asociaţii team has pleaded before the Court of Justice of the European Union in legal affair C-298/16, Teodor & Anduţa Ispas vs. DGRFP Cluj-Napoca. [...]
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Tax Litigation. Order to Solve the Tax Challenge
A new decision favourable for our client comes from the High Court of Cassation and Justice. By civil judgment no. 1243/28th of March 2017, the High Court granted the company’s [...]
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Inactive Taxpayers. Annulling the Order of the President of ANAF (the National Agency for Fiscal…
We enjoy telling our clients “You’re Back in Business”. Especially when we are enhancing the jurisprudence that we also created approximately one year ago. Today, by civil judgment no. 1044/16.03.2017, [...]
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Squatting Tax. (Re)Confirmed Illegality
The squatting tax – Cluj-Napoca Local Council’s most recent invention for crediting the local budget – was abolished by the court in a case finalised in the Cluj Tribunal that [...]
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Suspension of Decision to Revoke the Tax Warehouse Authorization
The Costaş, Negru & Asociaţii team has recently obtained before the Cluj Court of Appeal the suspension of a decision to revoke a tax warehouse authorization under the procedure regulated [...]
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