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Excessive Working Hours and Judges’ Remuneration. Constitutionality
Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal gave judgment on the 7th of May 2013 in case SK 11/11 on the issue concerning the excessive working hours and remuneration of the judges. More precisely, [...]
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Tax Trial vs. Criminal Trial. ECHR, Lungu & others vs. Romania
A final decision in a tax trial does not prevent a criminal trial, the outcome of which may be completely different – a myth of the prosecutor’s office and of [...]
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Accesory Tax Interest. Tax Penalties
The High Court of Cassation and Justice referred to its Section for the Interpretation of Legal Matters for preliminary ruling an interpretation on the following legal matter:  In interpretation of [...]
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Cell-Site Location Information. The Mandatory Warrant
The law evolves and the technological challenges are equally challenging for the law. The New Jersey Supreme Court recently concluded on an interesting dispute: is there a warrant required before [...]
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Unfair Banking Terms Annulment. Obligation of Reimbursment
The Sălaj Tribunal handed down a new judgment favourable to our clients, regarding the unfairness of administration fees as well as of commissions for the unilateral granting and increasing of [...]
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About Legal Servitudes
The tentation for prospection, exploring and extracting new resources, particularly the famous shale gas, calls into question the legal servitudes the land owners are to comply with and the way [...]
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Social Security. Calculation of the Statutory Maternity Pay
In our company’s practice, we pay special attention to social security litigation. We recently put an end to a case where our opinion prevailed as far as the determination of [...]
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2.6 Million Lei Ecotax Annulled By the Cluj Court of Appeal
Ecotax. Environmental Fund. Annulment. Oxobiodegradable technology vs. hydrobiodegradable technology. Biodegradability. Taking of evidence (Cluj Court of Appeal, civil judgment no. 603/13.12.2013) The Goldplast SA Bistriţa company sealed an important victory [...]
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Right of Occupation. Deletion of a Legal Burden after 61 Years
In our civil practice we encounter difficult issues regarding the land register system. We recently managed to successfully delete a legal burden (right of occupation) listed in the Arad land [...]
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